Account management is another aspect of Ecommerce that Mr. Escobar excels in.

  • Social media
  • Amazon ads
  • reporting of inventory levels, sales, etc.
  • Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)

are a few of the services offered for account management. As well as some of the big aspects of account management mentioned, Baltazar also monitors feedback for the seller, reviews Amazon policies to avoid suspension, and buy box monitoring.

Listing optimization is a huge part of making sure your product listings are as effective as they can possibly be. Baltazar has the experience and know-how to ensure that every detail of your listing is top notch. Having the right product title and description, the right keywords, and the right images for your product are all huge factors in whether or not the product is going to sell. Mr. Escobar has more than proven himself as an expert in improving product ratings in this way.